About Iris

Do you know my name? 
I'm losing my name
Iris is dissolving, 
So is my identity. 
Each day I'm closer 
To not being, 
To nothingness. 
In this void
my life 
Isn't enough for me. 
I must break the barriers, 
Dance till my bones turn to wind 
And all pain sings! 
Where I stand, 
There is nothing else but 
Nothing else but space 
Nothing else but endless 
Nothing else but Love 

I am a Dance Artist, Yoga teacher and therapist, Medicine Woman, Doula, Emotional Intelligence Coach, author, researcher and recolector of Sacred Feminine traditions and practises
I am mother, woman, sister, lover, companion, friend, animal and mostly a being at the absolute service of all beings. As did the ancestors, I believe that the artist, the healer, the philosopher and the shaman are one, in dynamic integrity. This is the basis of my work – be it bodywork, ritual, birth or soul journeys.
I weave my practices from conscious listening, aware presence and the power of creation of relationships with all, in a cyclical dance of shadow and light wherein the wild potential of undifferentiated body and soul reveals itself, allowing us to rediscover and reinvent ourselves, our life, and the collective experience.
In Portugal, my homeland, I co-created the Contemporary Medicine Woman Institute (a school of Women’s holistic therapies, health, nutrition, herbalism, sacred sexuality, birth and death; along with Lila Nuit and Sara Baga), the cooperative Senhora d’Azenha (a Human ecology retreat center in nature). I coordinate a Tantra Yoga, Feminine Practices and Sacred Dance studio in Lisbon, and develop The Contemporary Medicine Dances and Organic Movement research project. Along with Lila Nuit, I develop the project Feminine Consciousness.                                                                                                                                           
 I started writing when I was 12 and dancing when I was 13.
I have attended the Theatre Studies course in Evora University and the Contemporary studies of english, french and portuguese language and literature course in the Classic Unevirsity of Lisbon.
Simultaneously, I have studied modern and contemporary Dance, Tantra Yoga and therapy, bodywork and meditation, devotional dances from the ancestral feminine traditions of the Middle East, Northern Africa and Southern Europe (Sufi, Gnawa, Afro-Brazilian, Tuareg, Bedouin, Egypt), somatic and eco-somatic movement, Emotional Inteligence Coaching, and I am a trained Doula. I have 20 years of experience in the study and practice of eco-feminism, European Panantheism and Shamanism, and have been initiated as a Medicine Woman. At present I research, recolect and recover Women’s traditional healing arts traditions bringing it together with somatic movement and emotional intelligence, both in the form of educator as well as therapist. I study Somatic Experience and Mindfulness.                                                                                                                            
 I have studied with Shokry Mohamed, Yumma Mudra, Farida Fahmy, Gabrielle Roth, Rosario Peinado, Naoli Vinaver, Michel Odent, Liliana Lammers, Barbara Harper,  Isabel Ferreira, Anand Rudra, LuzClara, Starhawk, Kathy Jones, and Vicky Noble, amongst others. 
 I have studied, performed and taught in Chile, USA, Spain, France, Netherlands, Austria, UK, India, and Morocco. I have been lecturing and performing at Festivals such as Boom Festival (2012 and 2016) and The Glastonbury Goddess Conference. Always exploring the  connection between women, human and Earth as a pathway to social and ecological re-evolution.                                                                                       
As a personal practice, I walk the mountains and sea shores, for purification, integrity and inspiration.

At present I study Yoga Therapy for women (sexuality, self knowledge, birth preparing and recovering), Somatic Experience and Mindfulness.

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