Ode to The Morrigan

                                                                                                            Image by Carolyn Hillyard

I- The Great Crow
All rulers of
lost empires
Live within Me
For I am
the anger
the fever
the passion
I'm the scent
that makes cats crawl
and I'm the dread
that makes men small
I am the temper
of the Storm
The womb of the mother
The feebleness of the strong
I am the grave
the cave
the clawn
The blood of dragons
Nothing at all!

II- The cauldron
When night comes
And I arrive
I take the husbands
I drink their lives
I wash their clothes
I take their guise
Undress their skin
To purify within
And in my warm Love
I´m the consolation
Of lost wifes
I am the path
Of all that strives
I am the cauldron
I am the pire
Eternal flame
of all desire
I am the brave
I am the bone
I am the mother
The virgin, the crone
Dark within earth
dark within night
and when day comes
I am the light

III- The Dagda
Oh come my Lover
Peace to my fight
Oh come my Lover
To our delight
Two parts of wonder
two parts of One
We are the same
All that was
All that is, and shall become

IV- The call for battle
Come my children
Fly my children
At the break of dusk
Burn my children
Feed my children
On the batle dust
Cry my children
laugh my children
For the blood, the lust
Go my children
tear my children!Crows!Crows!
Rush to the garden of death
Eat, feast
from the fading breath
Seeds to come
await for flesh
Go my children
crow my children!
To the batle haste!
Fly my children
Die my children!
Feed the batle waste!
Red my children
Dead my children
No one wins or looses
Nigtmare, nightmare
Give me wings!
Terror, horror
No one wins
Still the brave endure
In the despair of my sight
I become the loving light
Come my children
Fight my children
I, invoqued to thee
Oh my children
Dying children
I shall set you free!
Come now all to Me!

V- The cry
Oh my children
Dear, dear Children
At the break of dawn
I cry for you
all of my children
All those who are gone
Come my children
I am your grave
Oh my children
Lost, fool children
rest now in my
Warm, dark, cave...
...Arise my children
return my children
From below and from above!
Tear my children
Bare my children
I shall give you birth!

VI- Eternity and beyond
From the threads
of my hair
Eternity greys and falls
My wings of Nothing
my wings of All

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