To Kali

Lila Nuit just found this picture of me and our kitten Kali, from last Summer.
Life gives and takes with tremendous generosity.
Nothing is ours, all is powerfully vulnerable, and you can hold everything but possess nothing.
Kali stayed with us from mid winter to mid autumn. We've seen both her birth and her death.
She died in our arms, with songs, prayers, Love and tears of gratitude.
I hold her in my heart, as a powerful Kali daughter she was, knowing that life cannot be contained, that encounters are blessings to cherish and praise, and letting go is an essencial part of learning to Love, in a sense far greater than individual will.
I recall the wonderful care of Baltazar Molina, Vitor Lugh and Peter Littlejohn Cook, with Love and such compassion. May we always be able to navigate through the storm.
A beautiful family of 8 cats live with us, giving us so much love, playfulness, company and that profound connection cats offer: when they look at you they just know you, they see your soul.

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