The World needs prayers: seeds of relentless Love

The World needs prayers
More than opinions or views
The World needs prayers
Seeds of relenteless, imperishable Love

Words that bridge to
Loving actions

Actions with connective, compassionate,
embracing quality


We all need to be held, and hold
We all crave for acceptance, redemption

We all need loving arms
and we all have giving arms
If trust and touch are offered, recognized
Empowered in ourselves as well as in the way we look at the other

We need that dear, wise rage of freedom
wind of soul!
To blow upon us all
reestablishing balance

Honest, pure
expression of limits
so that contact can truly take place
In a held space

We can fall and break open
Like the acorn
and dare to bloom, blossom, grow

Prayers of allowance and recognition
Towards the value of sorrow and joy
Towards communication and choice
as exercises of Freedom, Love, Surrender, Connection

We are, each of us,
a prayer of living flesh

May our thoughts
serve prayers to One and All
Beyond creed and belief
all creeds and beliefs

To heal, connect, reveal

Each and every one of us
Is a newborn soul
Gifted, precious, unique

We are the Divine
May we serve and Love
With Life and Earth as shrine

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