Prayer to Mother the World

May we Mother the World
May we give exactly what
We would like to receive:
In the very same mesure,
same thoughtfulness, same forgiveness,
same trust, same Love

May we Mother the World
The Land, The sand, the stone
May our bones be carved by the flow of water and abundant Love
None of us is unbroken
That is our greatest gift

We are frail and fierce
Wild and warm
Free and Together

Blessed Be the power
Of the Storm
The sea roars as I write
Blessed be the sleep and the rest
the food and the shelter
and our openess to receive strangers as family
And through love and belonging
Guide the way back
to the home of the Soul

And mostly, to all those who are homeless and those who were and are forced to leave behind all they had in their quest for peace: all prayers, all kindness, all guidance and acceptance.

We have all been exiled
We are all children of broken tribes, devastated families
No one is a foreigner to pain
And that brings healing power to hearts and hands

Gratitude and Love

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