Humbled by Mother Storm

I am humbled by the spirit of the Great Mother Storm.
Last night I was once again reminded of how small I am.
How all the structures I have built upon myself and my life may fall to the rythm of the storm heartbeat, drumming.
The 15 meters cedars threatened to fall upon the house I live in, reminding me: this house is Earth's belonging. It stands upon sacred Gaia ground and she is lending it to you and your family. Honour it well, and be ready to care with detachement for in the blink of an eye, everything changes to bring forth wisdom in uncontrolable ways.
The Sea roared all night long, the glasses of the windows seemed to be close to shatering.
The dome was shaken and I felt fear, huge anxiety becoming panic.
I hold on to so much.
I, like most of us, still hold the illusion things belog to me, but Life is wild. and she gives and takes at her will.
Honour life well.
Love has no room for personal agendas or attachement, and yes, as Julia Butterfly Hill says: life is an endless lesson of letting go.
And I remembered those who have no rooftops upon their heads and still stand. And those with fortified houses who may die, crumbled by their weight. And the sense of need of protection started to shift into inner alchemy.
I am so rich, just for being here, on this holy land, this furious sea and this wind! This cleansing untammable wind, blowing away spirit and shift upon all things.
I thank the power of the roaring storm, it brought me so much!
On a night like this one I laboured my son at home.
Last night, I laboured myself, and once more, but more deeply then ever I offered my fear of losing, my control, my illusions of power upon the structures I work and live in, my creations, my actions, my feelings,my relations and all of myself.
I am but a drop in your endless ocean.
Great is your power, your will, your wisdom.
May my pride, my intellectual attachement to knowledge and to the result of my experiences be broken by your thunder.
May surrender come.
Because if you took away my house, I would be alive and learning still. And in the moment I stopped asking for your protection and just offered You all I have, all I am, fear dissoved, identity started fading and my fate was yours, and I was not alone facing danger. I was one with you, and whatever happened would be not necessarily what I wanted but most definently what I needed.
I thank You for the blessing of stability, and for the blessing of unstability.
The eagle screams outside, the wise cats rest nearby.
If change comes, may I, like them, adjust and grow, keep moving with body and soul to the sacred drumming of the storm Heart.
Gratitude and Love to all of those I have the honour and the blessing to share my life with: sisters, brothers, family, friends that are heart family too, students, strangers, animals, plants, spirits.
May we be the heart of the storm, being transformed by Gaia's powerful ever destroyer, creator and nourisher wisdom.
With the deepest gratitude and Love, learning to un-become.
Merci de tout mon coeur Raphaëlle Noden, d'etre toujours toujours lá pour me tenir l'esprit, avec tant d'Amour

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