Care for the crying Child

My body
Is your home my child

So it has been
So it will always be
So it is

But, it is no regular home;
It is wise and old and wild

Like a forest
It has seasons, ages, cycles

It brings within storm and shelter
It bears and invites
A bosom to blossom
A safe space to let go and cry

It has clear boundaries
(expressed before urgent limits rise)
And it is even far more fertile in these wild edges

With respect and clarity
For you and for me

It begins again
Right where it ends

It is Source
And as you drink
My Child
Life is yours and mine

We are bonded
And free to Be
Apart in togetherness

This heart(h) is the home
You will carry within
Wherever and whenever you go

And so, Space
oh, space!
Space is the infinite extension of our embrace!
Breathe it in!

Life is Mother
and Home

I honour Mother
By mothering myself
My Mother, my Father, my Children
My Husband, and All my Relations

I Am a Mother
Not just a mummy

A Bear Mother
From warm breast to strong bone

Playful, Protective
Steady, Perceptive

My body is yours by right
My Child
Without ever ceasing to be my own

I am reminded of infinity
through this generosity
I give it to you as it is given to me

And by honouring this
I own myself more
And I hold you much closer

Hear: here both "No" and "Yes"
Are blessings, voice
To you, to me
To the World

- To my Beloved Son, my Sun: God alive in my daily life

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