"Happyness is looking at the same things with a different look"

"Happyness is looking at the same things with a different look"

Like Nature does,
through the seasons
and cycles of day, night, weather.
Allow your eyes to have
circular movement
Inwards and outwords.
Let vision be drank from the world, taken in with time,
nourished and healed with Love
And be birthed from within with generous, open consciousness.

"A miracle is just a shift in perception"

Seasons and cycles are
soul-world care takers.
To flow and grow
Choose the way you look at things,
With open heart and vision,
Now, always now.

May my skull break open to become a nest of wild Birds

Only space and freedom
No density of mind

Life never looses, only holds space for transformation
Within the dead skull,
a nest of new born birds
Rests, waits and grows

Merging Possibilities,
Eminent flight

Death is silent, abundant,
generous, life giving

What will you allow to die today,
as a rich soil from which fresh
new seeds may bloom?

To Kali

Lila Nuit just found this picture of me and our kitten Kali, from last Summer.
Life gives and takes with tremendous generosity.
Nothing is ours, all is powerfully vulnerable, and you can hold everything but possess nothing.
Kali stayed with us from mid winter to mid autumn. We've seen both her birth and her death.
She died in our arms, with songs, prayers, Love and tears of gratitude.
I hold her in my heart, as a powerful Kali daughter she was, knowing that life cannot be contained, that encounters are blessings to cherish and praise, and letting go is an essencial part of learning to Love, in a sense far greater than individual will.
I recall the wonderful care of Baltazar Molina, Vitor Lugh and Peter Littlejohn Cook, with Love and such compassion. May we always be able to navigate through the storm.
A beautiful family of 8 cats live with us, giving us so much love, playfulness, company and that profound connection cats offer: when they look at you they just know you, they see your soul.

The World needs prayers: seeds of relentless Love

The World needs prayers
More than opinions or views
The World needs prayers
Seeds of relenteless, imperishable Love

Words that bridge to
Loving actions

Actions with connective, compassionate,
embracing quality


We all need to be held, and hold
We all crave for acceptance, redemption

We all need loving arms
and we all have giving arms
If trust and touch are offered, recognized
Empowered in ourselves as well as in the way we look at the other

We need that dear, wise rage of freedom
wind of soul!
To blow upon us all
reestablishing balance

Honest, pure
expression of limits
so that contact can truly take place
In a held space

We can fall and break open
Like the acorn
and dare to bloom, blossom, grow

Prayers of allowance and recognition
Towards the value of sorrow and joy
Towards communication and choice
as exercises of Freedom, Love, Surrender, Connection

We are, each of us,
a prayer of living flesh

May our thoughts
serve prayers to One and All
Beyond creed and belief
all creeds and beliefs

To heal, connect, reveal

Each and every one of us
Is a newborn soul
Gifted, precious, unique

We are the Divine
May we serve and Love
With Life and Earth as shrine

Humbled by Mother Storm

I am humbled by the spirit of the Great Mother Storm.
Last night I was once again reminded of how small I am.
How all the structures I have built upon myself and my life may fall to the rythm of the storm heartbeat, drumming.
The 15 meters cedars threatened to fall upon the house I live in, reminding me: this house is Earth's belonging. It stands upon sacred Gaia ground and she is lending it to you and your family. Honour it well, and be ready to care with detachement for in the blink of an eye, everything changes to bring forth wisdom in uncontrolable ways.
The Sea roared all night long, the glasses of the windows seemed to be close to shatering.
The dome was shaken and I felt fear, huge anxiety becoming panic.
I hold on to so much.
I, like most of us, still hold the illusion things belog to me, but Life is wild. and she gives and takes at her will.
Honour life well.
Love has no room for personal agendas or attachement, and yes, as Julia Butterfly Hill says: life is an endless lesson of letting go.
And I remembered those who have no rooftops upon their heads and still stand. And those with fortified houses who may die, crumbled by their weight. And the sense of need of protection started to shift into inner alchemy.
I am so rich, just for being here, on this holy land, this furious sea and this wind! This cleansing untammable wind, blowing away spirit and shift upon all things.
I thank the power of the roaring storm, it brought me so much!
On a night like this one I laboured my son at home.
Last night, I laboured myself, and once more, but more deeply then ever I offered my fear of losing, my control, my illusions of power upon the structures I work and live in, my creations, my actions, my feelings,my relations and all of myself.
I am but a drop in your endless ocean.
Great is your power, your will, your wisdom.
May my pride, my intellectual attachement to knowledge and to the result of my experiences be broken by your thunder.
May surrender come.
Because if you took away my house, I would be alive and learning still. And in the moment I stopped asking for your protection and just offered You all I have, all I am, fear dissoved, identity started fading and my fate was yours, and I was not alone facing danger. I was one with you, and whatever happened would be not necessarily what I wanted but most definently what I needed.
I thank You for the blessing of stability, and for the blessing of unstability.
The eagle screams outside, the wise cats rest nearby.
If change comes, may I, like them, adjust and grow, keep moving with body and soul to the sacred drumming of the storm Heart.
Gratitude and Love to all of those I have the honour and the blessing to share my life with: sisters, brothers, family, friends that are heart family too, students, strangers, animals, plants, spirits.
May we be the heart of the storm, being transformed by Gaia's powerful ever destroyer, creator and nourisher wisdom.
With the deepest gratitude and Love, learning to un-become.
Merci de tout mon coeur Raphaëlle Noden, d'etre toujours toujours lá pour me tenir l'esprit, avec tant d'Amour

Care for the crying Child

My body
Is your home my child

So it has been
So it will always be
So it is

But, it is no regular home;
It is wise and old and wild

Like a forest
It has seasons, ages, cycles

It brings within storm and shelter
It bears and invites
A bosom to blossom
A safe space to let go and cry

It has clear boundaries
(expressed before urgent limits rise)
And it is even far more fertile in these wild edges

With respect and clarity
For you and for me

It begins again
Right where it ends

It is Source
And as you drink
My Child
Life is yours and mine

We are bonded
And free to Be
Apart in togetherness

This heart(h) is the home
You will carry within
Wherever and whenever you go

And so, Space
oh, space!
Space is the infinite extension of our embrace!
Breathe it in!

Life is Mother
and Home

I honour Mother
By mothering myself
My Mother, my Father, my Children
My Husband, and All my Relations

I Am a Mother
Not just a mummy

A Bear Mother
From warm breast to strong bone

Playful, Protective
Steady, Perceptive

My body is yours by right
My Child
Without ever ceasing to be my own

I am reminded of infinity
through this generosity
I give it to you as it is given to me

And by honouring this
I own myself more
And I hold you much closer

Hear: here both "No" and "Yes"
Are blessings, voice
To you, to me
To the World

- To my Beloved Son, my Sun: God alive in my daily life

Prayer to Mother the World

May we Mother the World
May we give exactly what
We would like to receive:
In the very same mesure,
same thoughtfulness, same forgiveness,
same trust, same Love

May we Mother the World
The Land, The sand, the stone
May our bones be carved by the flow of water and abundant Love
None of us is unbroken
That is our greatest gift

We are frail and fierce
Wild and warm
Free and Together

Blessed Be the power
Of the Storm
The sea roars as I write
Blessed be the sleep and the rest
the food and the shelter
and our openess to receive strangers as family
And through love and belonging
Guide the way back
to the home of the Soul

And mostly, to all those who are homeless and those who were and are forced to leave behind all they had in their quest for peace: all prayers, all kindness, all guidance and acceptance.

We have all been exiled
We are all children of broken tribes, devastated families
No one is a foreigner to pain
And that brings healing power to hearts and hands

Gratitude and Love

Prayer for the Burning, open Heart

Every day we normalize, banalize abuse
Abuse to one another in our close relations, 

 abuse to our children, abuse to animals, Earth, and mostly ourselves
We've grown so use to it we often don't even notice it while it happens

Every day, may we have the courage to experience pain without violence, 

without transforming it into suffering
May we be naked in our souls and wear our hearts out of our chest
To experience radical compassion, absolute sensitivity
May we dare to feel, to be cut open and still blossom
Like Mother Earth gracefully does every day,
May we keep tears has sacred water to dreams and nourishement

May we burn, surrendered to the fire of Love for All
And if we do so, we will cry for each sorrow of each one
And as we do, healing and peace may find their way through

T(h)ree Fates

I am weaving and inter weaving this body
Such closed space of infinity
It opens slowly, daring
to be so much more than it's fate

I've built myself in oposition for so long
I just surrender to a space liberated from opinion


I choose to feel, I choose empathy
I choose to become aware
I give up struggle and accept difference, contrast

I accept all of those fear closed spaces within,
those that hurt and those that sing

We must dance with time
embrace it
and never be bound by what we believe it to be

Let this wind blow us naked to the soul bones
Be this moment

Fall and merge into the abyss!

Into Love